From left to right:  Judy Richardson (IWLGA Captain), Lynne Maidment (SS), Janet Roberts (IWLGA President)

Results of Veterans Meeting at Cowes GC on Monday 20th September 2021.


1st. Lynne Maidment (SS) - 37 pts

2nd. Anna Garriock (SS) - 35 pts

3rd. Jackie Stephen (SS) - 31 pts

4th Stephanie Hart (SS) - 31 pts

5th Brenda Keyte (SS) - 31 pts

6th Lynne Backshall (R) - 29 pts

Past & Present Captains

Ryde Golf Club on Monday 6th September 2021

From Left to right:  Sara Weech (IWLGA Past Captain), Jackie Evitts (FW), Judy Richardson (IWLGA Present Captain), Di Clark (FW).

1st. Di Clark and Jackie Evitts (FW)   70 points (aggregate score)

2nd.  Elaine Hunter and Ann Smith (FW)  61 points (aggregate score)

Results of Sibyl Bennett Cup

held at Ryde Golf Club on Monday 24th May 2021


1st. Lesley Vail (W)      31 points

2nd. Sarah Rawlings (W)  29 points o.c.b.

3rd. Shelagh Merriefield (W) 29 points.

Above left to right:

Judy Richardson (IWLGA Captain), Lesley Vail (Westridge GC), Janet Roberts (IWLGA President).

Results of Captains Day (Judy's Jolly)


1st.  Ann Geary (O), Ruth Graves (SS), Sheila Richard (FW) - 83 pts.

2nd. Amanda Wade (SS), Ann Smith (FW), Brenda Keyte (SS) - 82 pts.

3rd. Chris Gould (SS), Anna Garriock (SS), Sally Exell (C) - 80 points.

(Scores include double points for selected joker hole).

IWLGA Captains Day winners.

From left to right.  Sheila Richard (FW), Judy Richardson (IWLGA Captain), Ann Geary (O)

Results of Isa Ballard Rosebowls 9th Aug 2021

at Newport Golf Club.


1st.  Liz Morris & Ann Smith (FW) -  36 pts

2nd. Rose Green & Judith Lazell (R) - 35 pts (ocb)

3rd.  Joan Martin & Sue Oldershaw (FW) - 35 pts

4th.  Di Clark & Sheila Richard (FW) - 31 pts (ocb)

5th.  Penny Maclean & Jasmine Light (W) - 31 pts.


Isa Ballard Rosebowls winners. Newport Golf Club Monday 9th August 2021

From left to right:  Ann Smith (FW), Judy Richardson (IWLGA Captain), Janet Roberts (IWLGA President), Liz Morris (FW)


Centenary AM/AM held at Freshwater Bay GC on Monday 23rd August 2021


1st:  Viv Tomlinson (W), Lorrie Hawkins (SS),

Sue Oldershaw (FW), Ann Smith (FW)    81 points

2nd: Sue Cox (R), Ros Pinnell (FW), Brenda Keyte (SS) Jan Smith (FW)  80 points

From left to right: Viv Tomlinson (Westridge GC),  Lorrie Hawkins (Shanklin & Sandown GC), Sue Oldershaw (Freshwater Bay GC and Ann Smith (Freshwater Bay GC).

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