Committee Announcement.


Unfortunately we are writing to all clubs to advise our members that Helen Whittaker from Westridge Golf Centre has resigned her position as Vice-Captain of the IWLGA.  Helen is a keen and enthusiastic member of our association and we thank her for her time and input while on committee and look forward to seeing her out on the course again soon.


The engagement of our Captains and Vice-Captains is done by each of the Island clubs proposing a candidate in an alphabetical rotation.  This October we would be looking at Cowes to supply a Vice-Captain but they have kindly stepped up with their nomination taking over the Vice-Captaincy for the remainder of this season and she will be voted in as Captain at our AGM in October.


We are delighted to announce that the candidate from Cowes is Kate Palfrey and we wish her a very enjoyable and successful term in office.




After the turmoil of the past year I thought I would try and set out “OUR ROADMAP” as to what we would like to try and achieve during this coming season.  Hopefully you have all stayed as safe as possible and are keen to get back to golf in a few weeks time. I have attempted to set out below some of the changes we are going to make in an attempt to get fixtures done in as safe and secure way as possible.


As I am sure you will all realise the Presidents Frolic will be cancelled, but we are hoping to reschedule the IWLGA Lunch later in the year, but obviously our Captain Judy Richardson will keep us updated with her plans.


The mainland friendlies are also a victim of the pandemic – the Rowlands Castle match will be cancelled for this year but the Vets match will go ahead and hopefully the Highcliffe Castle event can be arranged.



We are going to run this from May-September with the first two rounds having a 4 week window and the remaining rounds will be determined by the amount of entries we have. At this stage we have no knowledge of how many ladies will enter, so bearing this in mind the committee reserves the right to move the parameters if necessary.



12th April Westridge RE-SCHEDULED to 14th June 2021

19th April Cowes RE-SCHEDULED to 19 July 2021

10th May Freshwater RE-SCHEDULED to 26th July 2021

Hopefully the other matches will proceed as planned.


There is one other important issue that we have to deal with and that is the process of entering and paying.  As it stands at the moment no paperwork can be displayed in locker rooms so I am asking the delegates to step up and rally round to obtain names to email directly to me.


The League results and score cards will be dealt with by the committee, but you will be informed of the procedure nearer the time. You will also appreciate that Handicap Indexes and Course Handicaps come into play, so another reason for you just to be told your shots etc. and you will write out and keep your own cards.


Hopefully by the time we get to June we can resume some sort of normality with cards etc.


Changing rooms and indoor catering are not opening until May 17 at the earliest, so hopefully our first trophy competition the Sibyl Bennett Trophy on May 24th should be a fairly civilised affair!


I am hoping to get a revised Fixture Card out to you all in due course.  Any questions please feel free to contact me.


Mandy Gould

Competitions Secretary



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