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The Island Games selection was going to be based on the lowest handicapped players (that had expressed an interest to attend), plus the submission of 3 medal qualifying cards which would be used by the selection panel where handicaps and/or playing abilities were very similar.


In light of the current situation it is unknown whether qualifying competitions will be available to all in the run up to the selection cut-off which is the 30th September, but also it is unlikely that handicaps will change significantly over the next couple of months.


The IWLGA panel therefore met and spoke in detail about the team selection and decided that the lowest handicap players should now be selected without the need for submission of cards. I’m sure you will agree that this is the fairest way to select at this point in time.


It was also felt that due to the fundraising events being cancelled it was most likely that players would need to self-fund if not all the costs, then at least make a significant contribution to the costs of attending, and therefore should be given as much notice as possible. The IOW Island Games Association need initial deposits to be paid in September and by selecting the team now this means that individuals can plan accordingly.


The ladies team for Guernsey 2021


1) Sophie Beardsall 1 handicap

2) Sammi Keen 5 handicap

3) Dawn Hodge 6 handicap

4) Lucy Burke 7 handicap


Reserve: Bev Whorwood 8 handicap


All the ladies that registered their interest in being considered for the team have been contacted by Dawn to update them of the decision and to let them know that if any additional reserves were required this would be done in strict handicap order.


The Committee would like to thank Dawn for all her hard work.


The website will be updated with this decision shortly.

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