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It has been a very traumatic and trying year and the decision to cancel all our fixtures was a difficult but necessary one in the current climate.


We took the decision to propose that the current Officers of the Committee deferred their positions until 2021 and we are pleased to announce that all the delegates, having consulted with their home clubs, have agreed unanimously.

The exception to our proposal was that Connie Huntington wants to stand down from her position of Hampshire Representative for the Island as she has other commitments at her home club.


The role is to provide a two-way communication between the IWLGA and the HLCGA and all the details can be supplied by the Secretary on request to anyone interested in taking on the position.  Travelling costs are covered by Hampshire although a recent communication states that our representative will not be required to attend any mainland meetings this year or next.


The fixture list for 2021 is almost finalised and will be circulated through the delegates and put on our website as soon as possible.


The need to host an AGM this October be it in person or virtually is not warranted so we hope to see you all for a full season of golf next year, fingers crossed.


For your information, we have attached a balance sheet for this year as would have been circulated at the AGM.  The subscriptions paid for 2020 will be taken as payment for 2021. Any questions relating to the accounts should be emailed directly to the Treasurer.


In the meantime stay safe and well,


Sent on behalf of the Officers of the IWLGA.

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